1. Pkhex Gen 7 Mac Download Torrent
  1. Ever wanted to generate Pokemon in emulators and never knew how? Well here'es your on-stop shop!PkHex download:
  2. Core 19.5.16+73. There is a newer version of this package available. See the version list below for details. For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package. The NuGet Team does not provide support for this client. Please contact its maintainers for support.

I have OSX Sierra 10.12.6 and I've already tried going through the whole Wine & WineBottler method, but clearly it isn't working out for me. I have an older version of PkHex already installed and ready to go, but I noticed I'd have a problem when I tried making a save file for a Gengar and realized the only options for Ability was 'levitate' (which doesn't exist anymore for him in Sun & Moon. Use PKHeX to create these files, Grab it for PC or MAC. To Inject the Pokemon. You will need a 2DS/3DS/3DSXL running firmware 9.0-9.5 and a copy of X/Y/OR/AS (Note: 'New 3DS' and 'New 3DSXL' are incompatible with this exploit) Make sure you have an empty slot in the first space of your first box; Press the 3DS Home button to access the overlay. Download and install the Microsoft OneDrive app for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. Get OneDrive cloud storage to protect your files and access them across all your devices.

So you want to make a Pokémon with PKHeX? OK, lets get started.
For the purposes of this demonstration we will be generating a Generation 6 hatched Pokémon
You can download the latest stable version of PKHeX Here
The Main Tab
  • Click the Species drop down and select the Pokémon you're going to generate.
  • Select a gender by clicking on the gender icon. (Genderless have no option for this)
  • Click 'Reroll' to generate a PID for the Pokémon.
  • Tap the box with a Star if you want it to be Shiny, else move on.
  • If you want a Nickname, put a check in the Nickname box and give it a Nickname.
  • Select a desired level and give it a desired nature.
  • If you want to give it a held item then simply select a legal item from the list.
  • Click on the word friendship if you want to max that out
  • Next, select its Ability.
  • Select its Language
  • Ignore 'Is egg' 'Infected' and 'Cured'
  • Lastly, input its region information.

The Met Tab
  • Select your Origin Game
  • Select your Met location (Battle Resort for Met location is recommended)
  • Select your desired Poké Ball
  • Make sure that Met level is set to 1
  • Click the drop down for Met Date and Select today's date
  • Ignore 'Fateful Encounter'
  • Check 'As Egg'
  • Under Egg met Conditions, Set location as Day Care Helpers
  • Under Egg met Conditions, Set the date for today's date

The Stats Tab
  • Input your desired IV/EV spread or use the randomize buttons below
  • Verify IVs do not exceed 186 and EVs do not exceed 510
  • If you're going to use Hidden Power then select your desired Hidden Power Type
  • (Optional) Select you desired Contest Stats

The Attacks Tab This is where so many people make mistakes
  • Choose your desired moves (PKHeX should inform you of any legality issues)
  • And any PP Ups desired
  • Add your desired (and legal) relearn moves
    • You may simply click on the word 'Relearn Moves' to auto populate the data
Please note that 'Relearn Moves' fall into one of a few categories.
  • Level 1 Moves (Such as Peck and Growl)
  • Inherited Level moves: If both parents know a move that the baby can learn via leveling up, the Pokémon will inherit that move.
  • Egg Moves: If the Father or Mother know any specific Egg moves that the baby can learn, the baby will inherit the move. If the parents both know different Egg moves, the mother's Egg moves are passed on first, then followed by the father's.

The OT/Misc Tab

Pkhex Gen 7 Mac Download Torrent

Now we select our TID (Trainer ID), SID (Secret ID) and Trainer name
Following this selection go back to the Main Tab and if you chose to make the Pokémon shiny verify it's still shiny, else click the star again.
(Optional) Select desired markings
(Optional) Select desired Ribbons
Select desired memories and Amie stats
  • A generic Memory that will pass legality tests for both 'OT' and 'NotOT'

Lastly click re-roll next to Encryption constant at the bottomGen
Then go to file and select Save PK6 to save the file as a pk6 file.