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This workaround helped us so much at my job (Tech Support), we made a simple batch file we could run from anywhere (We didnt have the permissions to install the actual exe). This workaround will run OpenSSL and open up the bin folder for you (cause this is where any files you create or modify will be saved).

How to Set Up:

Openssl Install Windows Server

Installing OpenSSL with PowerShell and Chocolatey Assuming you have installed Chocolatey using the installation instructions, your first task is to install OpenSSL on Windows 10. To do this, open up your PowerShell console and run choco install OpenSSL.Light as shown below. Installing OpenSSL.Light using Chocolatey package manager in PowerShell. Go to this website: Download link for OpenSSL. Go down in the page and choose the version (in.EXE): Win64 OpenSSL v1.X.X: if your OS is 64 bits. Win32 OpenSSL v1.X.X: if your OS is 32 bits. For some versions of Windows systems, you may need to install 'Visual C 2008 Redistributable'.

  1. Download the OpenSSL binaries [here][1]. (Note that this is confirmed to work with version 0.9.8h.)

  2. Copy this code to a file named StartOpenSSL.bat. Save this to a location of your choice. It can be run from anywhere.

  3. Once you have downloaded the OpenSSL binaries, extract them to your C drive in a folder titled OpenSSL. (The path needs to be C:OpenSSL). Do not move any of the folders contents around, just extract them to the folder.

  4. You are ready to use OpenSSL. This is a great workaround for Windows users who dont have the privileges to install it as it requires no permissions. Just run the bat file from earlier by double clicking it. [1]: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/openssl.htm

Installer Windows 7 Gratuitement

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