I was wondering if a Nissan Consult III hardware works with Renault CAN CLIP. Then I went to forums to search for it.

C-III plus is designed to replace both C-II and C-III diagnostic systems. C-III plus supports most diagnostics and reprogramming of Nissan and Infiniti OBDII vehicles. CONSULT Kit or vehicle interface can be purchased by contacting TechMate (Bosch) at 1-800-662-2001. Information can also found at www.nissantechmate.com.

This is the Consult III I’m talking about (Chinese clone with the pcb above)


NOTE: you will be at risk to try this.

Review from TizWoz

Yes it will work with both, it is alliance B
Do not but the ones flying around with the WHITE < <16 PIN CONNECTOR.
As regards programming, im unsure because I never tested, However there are can clip interfaces that are alliance B and they work fine.

Review from blck

If that is recognized as VI alliance by drivers this will work with Clip and Consult too
I’d say that there is very high chance of success.

Review from ABD Jeffrey

Nissan consult 3 can work with Nissan and Renault cars, while there is only nissan software come with the interface, you need to buy renault software extra

Nissan Diagnostic Tool Free Download

Review from pb1234

I know that there are good clones. I had one in the picture, A, worked perfectly with Nissan and Renault Clip.

It is risky to start with this hardware, for example, flashing the control unit of the vehicle. That’s why I at first was looking for the original hardware, or really good clone.

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Nissan Diagnostic Tool Free Download Apk

SVCI ING V1.0 Free download link:

As a replacement for Nissan Consult 3 Plus, SVCI ING Nissan/Infiniti/GTR is a professional diagnostic tool that is more cost-effective and easy-to-carry. One of its best parts is the BAOCHI cloud diagnostic software it uses. What’s the difference compared with other traditional cloud software? Find more details below.

BAOCHI Cloud Software V.S. Traditional Cloud Software:

NameBAOCHI Cloud SoftwareTraditional Cloud Software
Mobile Android Software ContainsContains
Mobile Software Size About 54 MBAbove 1 GB
Windows Platform Software ContainsNull
Windows Software SizeAbout 74 MBNull
Mobile Storage Below 100 MBAbove 5 GB
Update MethodAutomatic online updateManual update
Connection Method BluetoothBluetooth
Models Covered 80% brands in the market80% brands in the market
Contains Special FunctionYesYes
Data Live Display Graphical and TableGraphical and Table
Operation Process Smarter, SimplerMore complicated

BAOCHI Cloud Software Highlights:
Real Data Display – Zero Error
Electric current display – 0 error
Voltage display – 0 error
Temperature display – 0 error
RPM display – 0 error
PA display – 0 error

100% Read all the data items of the vehicles system. The speed of data refreshing and real-time showing is much faster.
It’s much faster to write the programming data. The programming time is only about 3 minutes.

BAOCHI cloud diagnostic software will be updated continuously and added intelligent speech technology and AI technology in the future, which can free your both hands and become your personal assistance.

How to Install and use SVCI ING BAOCHI Cloud Diagnosis System?
Step-to-step guide:
Software version: V1.0
Language: Chinese, English, Japanese
Connection: Bluetooth V4.0
Computer: Supports Windows 7/8/10

Step 1:
Double click on the installation file and follow up the instructions accordingly.

Step 2:
After completing installing BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic System on your computer, tick “Launch BAOCHI Cloud Diagnostic System”.

Step 3:
Make sure the Bluetooth on your computer is on and pair it with your device.

Step 4:
Open the software, and sign in via your registered info.

Nissan Diagnostic Software For Pc

Step 5:
Now what you see is its home page. Select OBD -> Auto Detect -> DTC, where you can see Stored DTC and Pending DTC.

Step 6:
Return to previous interface, select Detect by Protocol -> ISO9141 -> Current Data. Select all data and click Okay. You will see the data item in table display or in a graphical display.

Step 7:
Return to the home page and click on Special Functions, where there’re three selections. For example, select Re/programming, you can see its supported vehicle makes/models.

Step 8:
Go to System Settings on the home page. The options are as below image shows. Select Language Settings, and you’ll have four languages to choose from. Try others as you like.

Nissan Diagnostic Scanner

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