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Listen to LANY’s new album 'mama's boy': merch: Sign up at - Mali. Album Themes Breakup Feeling Blue Loss/Grief Reflection Sorrow Pain Rainy Day Relationships Yearning Introspection Late Night Lifecycle Long Walk Stay in Bed Youth Conflict Regret Reminiscing Divorce LANY.

At the tail end of 2017, LANY frontman Paul Jason Klein experienced the worst heartbreak of his soon-to-be-30-year-old life. After the dissolution of a months-long relationship, he processed those emotions into the trio's sophomore effort, Malibu Nights. Originally titled January -- after the month he spent writing these nine tracks of tear-soaked millennial synth pop -- Malibu Nights is overly precious, a borderline contrived collection of entry-level emoting familiar to any teenager whose heart has been smashed by a crush. Yet, though the lyrics are rather direct and unpoetic, they might register with anyone who has gone through a tough breakup. Klein pines for his ex, confessing on 'I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore' that 'last night I finally cried' and claiming 'I don't know what she left me for' on 'If You See Her.' Sensitivity on full display, Klein doesn't shy away from these journal-entry lyrics as he ponders where it all went wrong ('Thick and Thin') and debates popping open his pill bottle ('Run'). On the gauzy 'Thru These Tears,' he holds his head high, singing 'This hurts like hell, but I keep telling myself it's gonna get better.' Indeed, life likely has more in store for Klein, but on Malibu Nights, he's embracing the now, wallowing in his misery and searching for a way to heal in understandably dramatic fashion. As far as catharsis goes, it's fairly pedestrian, but sure to resonate with anyone throwing their own pity party.

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LANY – Malibu Nights

I, for one, have never been anywhere near California but despite that, LANY’s Malibu Nights makes me feel like I know exactly what it’s like. Listening to these songs feels like I’m day dreaming on a beach during the sunset without a worry in the world. The production on the entire thing is so smooth and airy without feeling empty, supported by a soft indie feel that doesn’t feel like a complete rip off of other similar groups. It’s very simple with basic indie techniques and yet, it this type of sound still sounds original to LANY. And while it’s primarily about a breakup, I can’t help but want to dance to every single song, even if the general content of them isn’t the most cheerful. Indie pop hasn’t been this interesting in a long time and if anyone can revive the genre, LANY has easily proven that they can.

Lany Malibu Nights Album Download Torrent Windows 10



“Taking Me Back”

“Let Me Know”

Lany Malibu Nights Album Download Torrent Full

“Valentines Day”