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The High Sierra 10.13.3 update is the third major update to macOS High Sierra. There isn’t any major features or anything worthwhile in this update only bringing a fix to iMessages being out of order and a number of undocumented fixes, improvements, security enhancements to macOS.

Download High Sierra 10.13.3

High Sierra 10.13.3 can be downloaded from the App Store. 10.13.3 will also appear later on’s support page. Here’s the links:

Before updating read:

10.13.3 Update Quick Notes:

Hackintosh 10.13.3 Install Overview

This update is not automatic, when the computer reboots after installing in the app store you will have to select: Install macOS from “drive_name” to complete the update in Clover EFI Bootloader. I actually had to select Install macOS From… twice in Clover EFI Bootloader as the first time it rebooted before completion, while the second time it finished the install. For Ryzen users a fresh install of 10.13.3 is required as the update feature does not work for non-Intel processors. If you end of getting the macOS cannot be installed error. See the updated [Guide] macOS could not be installed

Hackintosh Nvidia 10.13.3 Web Drivers

Nvidia Web Drivers have released, but there is currently an issue where the driver is causing lag for those that upgrade for it so if you have an Nvidia graphics card I recommend that you hold off on 10.13.3, until this problem is resolved or alteratively you can get 10.13.2 Web Drivers working quite easily in 10.13.3 see:

I used this method to install 10.13.2 web drivers on 10.13.3:

(Problematic) Nvidia Web Driver 10.13.3:

Update Kexts

I recommend updating all your kexts especially Lilu.kext to the latest version:

Apple File System Users

Those already using an HFS+ drive don’t need to worry about theirs being converted to APFS on update.

if you have an APFS formatted drive, make sure you are using the latest version of apfs.efi unzip the download below and stick it in EFI/Clover/Drivers64UEFI/

  • Download –


If you are updating from a version of macOS earlier than High Sierra 10.13.0 follow one of these guides before updating to 10.13.3:


Install macOS High Sierra on PC with Hackintosh macOS High Sierra Installer which doesn't need access to a mac to create a bootable Installer


You can create bootable USB from Windows, Linux or Mac.

For detail Installation Guide and Instruction read: Install Hackintosh High Sierra on PC/Laptop

Features of Hackintosh High Sierra Installer:


Hackintosh High Sierra Download

  • NO MBR Support, Only GUID Partitions will be able to Install (MBR can be patched manually)
  • Fix for 'move Nvidia.pkg', 'move ATI.pkg', 'move Intel.pkg' issues
  • Removed unnecessary packages from Customize section
  • Trying to implement a fix for users stuck in language chooser menu
  • APFS will be supported but not recommended.
  • Clover UEFI is the default bootloader (of course Chameleon & Clover bootloaders will be included too)
  • Kexts and scripts are tweaked, with some bug fixes with Installer.
  • Removed most of the bloatware, only a few apps will be leftover you can keep it or delete it.
  • Safari Bookmarks are unchanged.
  • Dock icons will not be modified
  • AMD support (Beta only)
  • Audio, Network Kexts will not be auto-installed, You have to select them from Customize Section.