Best animation apps for Mac. Synfig Studios - Free. Open-source and free 2D animation maker software for Mac, Windows, and Linux. User-friendly 2D animation software for Mac, Windows and Linux. Suitable for beginners. Toon Boom - Paid (starting from USD $23 monthly) but offers free trial. For a VPN for Mac free download, you will need a VPN that works with your device. You can get Betternet for macOS 10.12, High Sierra 10.13, Mojave 10.14, Catalina 10.15, and Big Sur 11. Betternet supports torrenting on all of its servers. The best Mac apps at a glance. If you need an application that helps you improve your photos, Image Frame is one of.

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Here is a list of the best free software for macOS in 2021. If the default apps of Mac can't satisfy your daily needs in video, working, shopping, gaming, etc., find a piece of free Mac software here.

There is still more room to make your already awesome Mac more perfect. For example, you may download some software on your Mac, be it comic book readers, programming editors or media centers, to enhance your Mac experience. Of course, the free software is undoubtedly more favored among Mac users. Among these Mac app, few are gems, but some stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for the best free Mac software to optimize your OS X, here's the best downloads on Mac helping to break down the barrier for better productivity, entertainment, and more.

Best Free Web Browsing Software for Mac

Mozilla Firefox: Each person has their own reasons for loving one browser or another, but on Mac, the premier free, open-source Firefox is more preferred over others. It offers a full range of features but a clean and familiar interface to let you peruse your favorite sites with ease. If you have trouble with certain sites you visit a lot in Safari or other browsers, Firefox may be worth it to try and it is considered by many to be the world's best free browser on Mac OS.

Best Free DVD Ripper Software for Mac

MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition: One of the most popular yet intuitive free DVD ripper software available for Mac. It is good at ripping DVDs to Mac supported formats and app including MP4, MOV, M4V, iTunes, etc for portable playback on iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. So if you want to take your favorite films or TV shows with you, it's the best free Mac software you need.

Tips:In case you've got the latest DVD movies in hand and want to keep them for personal use or even wish to enjoy them on the latest mobile devices like iPhon, iPad, Galaxy, etc without worrying about the curse of copy protection schemes put by DVD publishers, its paid version MacX DVD Ripper Pro will be your best Mac app for ripping DVDs.

Best Free Work Processing Software for Mac

Google Docs: Google Docs' accessibility and non-existent price-tag make it such a compelling and top-rated free Mac software regarding to work processor. You can just navigate to your Drive and type straight away, regardless of what device you're on. It's unnecessary to worry about native apps and all of your progress is saved and synced automatically. As a word processor, it's also offer most of the features found in Microsoft Word.

Best Free Video Converter for Mac

MacX Video Converter Free Edition: From time to time, your media player may stray beyond the bounds of playing videos. And best free video converter software for Mac is able to take care of freely converting any videos like MKV, MTS, M2TS, AVCHD, FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV, etc and change these video formats into your device compatible format like MP4, AVI, etc. It is regarded as the best free Mac software with beautiful interface, 100% free and no ads or virus.

Best Free Email for Mac

Best practice free download mac os

Thumder Bird: The latest version 12 is a fully featured, safe and functional email client, capable of handling mail efficiently and with style. It remains the best full-fledged email client on Mac you can get for free. Better still, the incredible number of add-ons makes it better and the best free software on Mac.

Best Free YouTube Downloader for Mac

MacX YouTube Downloader: It ranks No.1 under Mac download Channel. The simplicity and reliability make it the best free software for Mac users to download online YouTube videos in whatever format or resolution, including MP4, WebM, FLV, even YouTube HD video. It works on every clip without an error. Whether you want to free download movies, TV shows, music videos or other clips from YouTube, this free software for Mac can accomplish the downloading task in a few seconds only.

Best Free Utility Software for Mac

AppCleaner: What happens most among us is that we usually dislike the app after we downloaded it and the result is we have to remove the software from Mac. Unfortunately, bits and pieces of the app remains on the hard drive. There is no better way to uninstall an app with Freemacsoft's free AppCleaner, which is designed remedy that problem by letting you remove applications and their digital residue and leave no additional files on your system.

Best Free Photo Editor Software for Mac

Best Practice Free Download Mac

Best Practice Free Download Mac

Image Tricks: Image Tricks is a piece of fun and easy to use free image editor software for Mac OS X. It is based on Apple Core Image filters and includes about 35 Image Units, encouraging experimentation and offering the ability for a wide range of effects to be combined and applied to pictures. For less experienced users who want to achieve creative results, the free Mac software is the best choice thanks to the range of filters and masks that are available.

Best Free Antivirus Software for Mac

Avast! Free Antivirus: Let's face it: Macs get virus, too. This program is like the blockbuster of antivirus software - minus the whole big-name budget. It is ranked as the No.1 best free Mac software since it is quick and effective, detecting 100% of the Mac malware that went through it as well as those for sifting through email communications, attachments, and various Web activities.

You can visit CNET to get the free Mac antivirus software

Best Free Game for Mac

CSR Racing - Need for Speed is no longer a pricey dream.CSR Racing makes it free to have a street race with a custom car. This free-to-play drag-racing game was first shown on stage at the WWDC on June 11, 2012 and made over $12 million in a month shortly after the freebie lunch in Mac App Store, making it one of the top 10 grossing and best free iPhone games.

In fact, there might be more free apps on your Mac, depending on your field of work. But the abovementioned freeware are the best because they are just the most essential elements on your Mac platforms, whether you are at work, school or home.

Any software that allows you to make animations on Mac? The list of 2021 best animation apps can help you make 2D and 3D animations, gif pictures, short cartoons, and more easily on Mac.

I need to make a short animation, my goal is simple as follows. I need something simple but yet looks pretty decent. What is the best animation software for Mac, 2D or 3D is both OK:
1) making humans is easy, they don't have to look too real, just cartoony is fine
2) human dialogues, speaking gestures are important
3) being able to adjust the setting is important, create different settings
4) human movement does not need to be too complex, but basic things like walking ---- Online forum

Nowadays we see more and more people creating animated videos on social media. Short animated videos and gif pictures are funny and engaging, with information easily transmitted to viewers and catch the their attention. It is indicated that 65% of people are visual learners. Today's topic centers on the best animation programs for Mac users to make 2D or 3D animation. You can make short animated videos, gif pictures, funny cartoons and further get the avi, flv, quicktime animations upload to YouTube, FaceBook or other social sites, no matter you're a beginner or an advanced user.

Need animated video footage for your animation?
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Best Practice Free Download Macbook

Top Best Animation Programs for Mac (2D & 3D)

Digicel Flipbook

For beginners starting with 2D animations, Flipbook is the very first 2D animation program to free download on macOS from 10.7 or later. This animation maker software for Mac makes it extremely easy to make great 2D animated movies, while being extremely easy. You can draw into FlipBook, shoot rough drawings, scan, add soundtracks, pan, zoom, rotate, import backgrounds, export movies (QuickTime, AVI) and do more.

Flipbook is available for free trial and the limited version is priced at $19.99. Note that this 2D animation software for macOS generates still image only, and won't support GIF pictures.

Anime Studio

Anime Studio has almost everything you need for creating amazing 2D animated videos. The software has both beginner and professional versions, with a massive mix of powerful 2D rigging system and useful animation tools. The animation movies created with this Mac animation maker software will be available in QuickTime, AVI or SWF.

The Anime Studio Debut, which is available for $69.99, has limits like a maximum size of 768 pixels x 768 pixels and 3000 frames, no support for image output etc. You can get the best animation app for Mac free download and trial for 30 days.

Free Downloads For Mac


Pencil2D is an open-source and free animation/drawing software for macOS which is by far the most comprehensive animation tool given that it's totally free. The Mac animation programs supports two types of layers, namely anime songs and sound, bitmap images, camera and vector images, which makes it easy to adjust frame timing. A big bonus feature of the free 2D animation software for Mac is that it can export animated files in FLV and GIF format.

Overall, Pencil2D is a good choice for beginners to start with free drawing programs, but it may not be suitable for professional projects.


Blender is an open source, free 3D animation programs for macOS to model, animate, render and edit computer-generated graphics and video. Given it's 3D animation freeware for Mac, it may not match with paid programs like Maya and Lightwave in certain aspects, but it has plenty of decent options for making professional 3D animation videos/3D movies (e.g. VR rendering, Modeling, Sculpt, UV etc). You can not only create 3D animations, but even develop video games, e.g., it can be used as a minecraft animation maker software for Mac.

Though this free animation software for Mac is quite popular among users, it's in fact complicated to use. Even advanced users can't get started with it immediately.


Maya is currently the king among high-end 3D animations software for Mac and Windows. Priced at $1,470.00/year, it has everything you need to create 3D animated movies, games, TVs or short videos. Maya is extremely powerful 3D software and is considered an industry standard in the film and video game industries. The program offers free 30-day trail, so you can free download it to Mac and try it out.

Considering the expensive price and complicated operation, Maya is not suitable for those who are beginners and may not use all its features. Maya is always up to date, so you need to keep learning and be patient if you decide to start with it.

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More Options of Animation Programs for Mac

Synfig Studios - Free. Open-source and free 2D animation maker software for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Easy to use.
Tupi - Free. User-friendly 2D animation software for Mac, Windows and Linux. Suitable for beginners.
Toon Boom - Paid (starting from USD $23 monthly) but offers free trial. A powerful 2D animation video software for macOS. Suitable for professional entry.
Cinema 4D - $190 for a month license. A piece of professional 3D anime studio for macOS and Windows. It has been widely used to make high budget box officehits. Free trial provided.
Lightwave - $695.00. One of the best 3D animation programs for macOS that will well fit high-end animators and movie makers. It offers a 30 day free trial.
K-3D - Another free anime software for Mac, Windows, Linux to make 3D animated movies/videos. It features full set of basic tools for general requirements.

Upload Animated Videos/Movies to YouTube, FaceBook

Best Practice Free Download Macbook Pro

After you create your own 2D/3D animations, you may want to play on other device or upload to YouTube, FaceBook, or other social sites to share with others. As those animation maker software for Mac is very limited on the output formats (e.g., Flipbook supports QT and AVI, Anime Studio generates qt, avi or swf), you may need a third-party helper to convert it.

Cnet Free Downloads For Mac

MacX Video Converter Pro will convert among any video formats for you. You can easily put your animated videos for YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook or iPhone, iPad, Samsung etc. The speed is quite fast and no quality loss is observed. Plus, it also help free download anime series, movies, videos or soundtracks from online sites (1000+ supported) to give you more choices on animation resources.

MacX Video Converter Pro - Convert/Download Animated Movies

MacX Video Converter Pro can easily convert animated videos created by any macOS animation software from AVI, QuickTime MOV, FLV to MP4, H264, 3GP, YouTube, FaceBook, iPhone, iPad, Android etc, and also free download animations from 1000 more video sites with high quality.