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What is Steam?
Steam is the most popular game platform in the industry, developed in 2002 along with the release of counter strike 1.6 by Valve Corporation. It’s a well known fact that steam has over 70% share in digital game sales. There are currently over 2000 games from all genres being sold on Steam, anything from Indie games to modern FPS games such as the Call of Duty series. There are also over 90 million active accounts ( Log in atleast once a month ) and over 300 million inactive accounts ( Have not logged in for a month or more ). The highest peak of accounts logged in at the same time was February 2012 reaching over 5 million users logged in at once. It is expected that by year 2014 Steam will have 98% shares in the game distribution industry and will purchase all other major platforms including Origin.
There are several reasons why Steam is so popular. One of the main reasons is most likely the fact that it’s the oldest one in the industry. Before the official release in 2003, noone could even think about downloading games and paying for them online instead of purchasing a little game case in their local grocery store. Steam grew extremely fast and within two years already had over 100 games in it’s marketplace.
The first games introduced on Steam were almost all massively played multiplayer games such as counter strike 1.6. That’s another reason it started growing so fast. Steam was an easy way for gamers to chat with each other over microphone (VOIP like Skype) and over Steams inbuilt instant messaging system. People no longer had to multitask or play within LAN to chat with their gaming buddies. It was a new era for FPS gaming and was the main reason you see „clans“ in todays gaming. People started making teams so they could play the game more strategically and it was all thanks to Steams capabilities for chatting.

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Another reason steam is so popular is the fact that it has inbuilt communities. Clans could make profiles inside it and invite members in, it was like a huge forum where all clanmates could share strategies, tactics and chat with each other. This feature was also the first in the gaming industry, no longer did clan leaders have to make websites and forums, besides most of the clan leaders didn’t evne have enough knowledge on how to build a website at that time, Steam was a much nicer way to communicate and you could do it at the same time while you’re gaming.Generator

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Nowadays, steam also has daily discounts on popular games. Every day when logging into Steam, a little message box pops up showing you the top news in gaming and showing off steams greatest discounts at that time. Sometimes these offers last for weeks and they’ve given discounts up to 80% ! Discounts in the gaming industry have always been rare, considering the time it takes to actually develop a game, the prices were justified.

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Of course, by now there are more reasons to use Steam, take for example our Steam Keygen. You no longer have to pay for any PC game, most of the games out there are available on steam and our keygen supports it. Simply download our tool, pick out your game and press generate. After that, open steam and select redeem a product key from the toolbar, type our key in and voila ! You have free games.
In conclusion, Steam is the biggest and unarguably the best gaming platform out there and will certainly continue to dominate the market. Other platforms such as Origin cannot compete with Steam as it has already grown SO big. They’re way too late to get in the industry and in my opinion EA should stop trying and just carry on publishing games with Steam or stop making games at all, they’ve barely made any decent games in the past couple of years…
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