The latest version of macOS, 10.15 Catalina, removes support for 32-bit applications. This means that current versions of MPLAB X IDE (up to version 5.40) will not run on this operating system without a patch. All current versions of MPLAB XC compilers are now compatible with this latest version of macOS. Download macOS Patch.

Calcline allows to have a powerful algebra solver in small strip window taking just a small portion of your Mac screen. It opens in a flash in a compact form on your screen ready to be used.

You can use it for simple additions or for complex formula using and assigning variables and constants Variables and constant can be managed and assigned in a intuitive to use table (in a separate window) with simple clicks Performed calculations can be displayed in a separate log window (content retained over re-launches)

Using it in an advanced way, Calcline offers mathematical expressions with infinite level of parenthesis to nest expressions and a large selections of math functions as:

Absolute shisen-sho 2 2.0.2 download for mac

Absolute Shisen-sho 2 2.0.2 Download For Mac

  • Square root
  • Cube root
  • Trigonometric sine
  • Trigonometric cosine
  • Trigonometric tangent
  • Trigonometric arcsine
  • Trigonometric arccosine
  • Trigonometric arctangent
  • Hyperbolic sine
  • Hyperbolic cosine
  • Hyperbolic tangent
  • Hyperbolic arcsine
  • Hyperbolic arccosine
  • Hyperbolic arctangent
  • Natural logarithm
  • Base 10 logarithm
  • Exponent base e
  • Exponent base 2
  • Exponent base 10
  • Absolute
  • Ceil
  • Floor
  • Factorial computation
  • Random function